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  GFRC (Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete)  
GFRC, a customized pre cast cladding material whose innovative technology and revolutionary concept gives the designer scope for ambitious creations of architectural elements. It’s widely used for external facades, internal facades and landscape architecture.

The architectural features such as columns, cornices, brackets, arches, decorative patterns, screeners, domes, planters, balustrades, sculptures are some of the elements could be cast in GFRC.

The elements cast in GFRC offers perfection in profile contrary to the traditional methods of casting at the site. It’s also an ideal alternate for stone and can be cast in earthen colours.

GFRC could ideally replace projections in the facades like window surrounds. It can be also used for compound wall constructions. GFRC materials could cast with high intricacy in design.
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